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Scale Every Last Inch of This Indoor-Outdoor Climbing Gym

Tapping into the adrenaline-pumping, deep-seated urge to climb up super huge buildings, folks at the Iranian firm New Wave Architecture have unveiled renderings of what might be the wildest rock climbing gym of all time. Designed for popular climbing locale Polur, Iran, the 48,437-square-foot sprawl welcomes climbers to scale both the smooth exterior—made from white fiber cement panels—and the more traditional rock wall interior, which can be seen from the outside thanks to some floor-to-ceiling glass panelling that lets guests "visually creep into the building."

The massively intimidating interior space is based on "the geological process of the large-scale movements of the earth's crust and its tectonic forces," and juts out at wild angles—all supported by a steel frame. Still, not all Internet users seem convinced of the proposed building's safety, causing one Gizmodo commenter to sum the structure up as "a liability nightmare," and another to astutely point out that "people will climb up a building easily without any protection" only to "fall off of the cool-looking edges." Alas, since there's no start date in sight, the dubious safety remains in the realm of speculation. Do head over to Arch Daily, though, for a good look at the full gallery.

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