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Let L.A.'s 1968 M.G. Residence Show You How to Renovate

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There's no shortage of botched renovations (and certainly 100 percent too many midcentury teardowns) but luckily for Romanian-American modernist Haralamb H. Georgescu, who, somewhere on a low-slung Gropius-inspired cloud formation, is looking down upon his 1968 M.G. Residence with an indulgent smile, architect Kurt Krueger was successful in his goal to "restore the house to it's true character." Per Curbed LA, before the M.G. Residence changed hands (in 2011) and Krueger got to work, the place was in much need of help (read: lilac carpet eradication). Krueger began tearing down walls built in recent decades, opening up the "back wall to it's original intent" and bringing back the "interaction between three levels" of the living area.

Krueger also brought back the blue-grey color to the ceilings, and had dining room cabinetry done in mahogany to match the home's original cabinetry. Yes, but what, you're dying to know, replaced the lilac carpeting? Wide planks of white oak, the stuff of the original stair treads. "Throughout the process we were constantly asking ourselves 'What would Georgescu do today?'" the architect writes. More photos, below.

Oh, and do have a look at the "before" shots, over at Curbed LA. Here's a peek:

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