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There's a Shipping Container Waiting Room in This Trendy HQ

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Designed to sound "the death knell of the conventional office," this ludicrously trendy new HQ for the Cape Town branding agency 99c houses takes all the design-y office must-haves of the moment—repurposed materials, large-scale murals, and a general disdain for, uh, work—and combines them into the newest member of the highly stylish office club. Created by South African firm Inhouse Brand Architects, the 3229-square-foot space covers three stories and features concrete floors and steel framework, which complement the cheerful orange shipping container waiting room—undeniably the focal point of the space—rather nicely. In a cheeky move, the oh-so-hip industrial container welcome center serves as something of an inside joke to the folks at Inhouse. "It's 'out the box' thinking ironically demonstrated in a box," quips the team.

Much of the rest of the space's new furnishing is done up in simple and sustainable pine and chipboard materials, either left unfinished or painted with the company's signature burnt orange, blue, black and lime green palette. In lieu of traditional desks and meeting rooms, for example, "campsite" clusters of raw pine booths and painted benches serve as the main zones for work and communication. Further fostering this communal spirit, part of the floor between two stories of the office was taken out to both make a double-volume interior and to encourage more interaction between the floors. Sure enough, in place of the formerly low-ceilinged area is now a staircase that doubles as bleacher-style seating, a kitchen nook, and—lest 99c house miss out on the single most important office staple—a foosball table area. Dezeen has the full gallery, right this way.

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