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Watch Real Estate Listing Photos 'Flatten' Into Stunning Art

While real estate photography usually veers off in a tacky direction upon even the smallest attempt at artsiness, these pared-down suburban landscapes by Australian artist Joanna Lamb are both lovely and virtually unrecognizable as the internet listing photos they once were. Created as a part of Lamb's 15 Color Series, each house exterior in the collection works within the strict limitations of a predetermined color palette and presents a suburban scene thats been reduced down to its "flattest," most basic forms—eschewing practically all detail. Much like the work of similar artists, the end results are both pristine and ever-so-slightly spooky in their lifelessness, creating a feeling the artist refers to as "vacant scenes of disquiet." Lamb displays her painting process and talks a bit more about her motivation for the project in the video below, so by all means, do have look:

The Video:

Joanna Lamb - 15 Colour Series - Art Stage Singapore 2014 from Sullivan + Strumpf on Vimeo.

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