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DIY Cabin with an Open-Air Lounge Built for $10K

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Because every diminutive do-it-yourself living space needs an origin story, from the Thoreauvian hideaway to the surreal urban squat, here is Robin Falck's: the Finnish designer wanted to build a place of his own without the need for a building permit, which required that he keep the floorspace under about 30 square feet. He spent the winter of 2010 drawing up plans, passing them along to architect Bruno Erat for pointers, and set about building the thing in the summer, which he was able to do in two weeks. The final product is called Nido, which aside form being a cute name for a home so tiny—96 square feet, to be exact—means 'bird's nest' in Italian.

The first floor features a lounge area and a kitchen, while the second floor serves as a loft for sleeping, and both share a large window that takes up most of one sloping wall. Outside of the cabin, Falck built a raised deck that supports an open-air lounge and a path that leads to the front door, a nice gesture toward the suburban front walk. He spent about $10K on the project, so a bit less than one Japanese-inspired cottage and a good deal more than a certain bare-bones, many-windowed retreat. Make your way over to My Modern Met for a closer look.

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