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The Cape Cod Oyster Poacher Is (Sort of) Busted!

CAPE COD - Someone finally dropped a dime on that oyster poacher: "Police say they know who stole more than $40,000 in oysters and equipment from beds in East Dennis and Barnstable last summer, but they're not quite ready to publicly name the culprit." Not only do authorities know who the thief is, but "Where he sold the oysters is going to come as a pretty big surprise." Ooh, intrigue! [Cape Cod Times; photo credit: Oyster of the Atlantic Ocean, Lionel B, Shutterstock]

NANTUCKET - Standing-room only: "More than 100 people packed the Great Hall of the Atheneum library Monday night to hear Richmond Group developer Phil Pastan outline his development plans for the Old South Road corridor that include a 38,500-square-foot supermarket on the current site of the Valero family garden center and a major commercial makeover of land formerly owned by Walter Glowacki on the other side of the road." [Inquirer & Mirror]