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How One Fashion Designer Does Understated Elegance

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Though fashion designer Adrienne Vittadini made her name with patterned prints and bold-colored knits, her Manhattan apartment, like the Hampton's home she sold off in 2009, hardly betrays this history. Almost all of her Upper East Side abode, which she bought with husband and business partner Gianluigi Vittadini in 1986, conforms to a mellow, creamy palette with "greenish yellow undertones" which, upon giving Veranda magazine the grand tour, she likened to the color of hay. In the nearly three decades since they had the place gutted and redone, Vittadini and her husband "continually fiddled" with nearly everything but this color base, which in the living room (pictured above), is punctuated by a few eye-catching pieces: a pair of shiny gilded columns, a lion-footed Regency table picked up at the Paris Biennale, a large photo of a room in Florence's Uffizi Gallery by Massimo Listri, Italy's master cataloguer of interiors. Designed as a foil for "frenetic" New York living, and to give due reverence to its view of Central Park—"I didn't want to fight with nature," she explains— Vittadini's home is a proving ground for a style that balances muted tones with eye-popping pieces. Give it a closer look below:

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