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This Rainbow-Hued Tokyo HQ Looks Exactly Like a Preschool

Further blurring the line between Dr. Seuss wonderland and dignified place of work, this whimsical Tokyo HQ built for Pixiv, a Japanese online artist community, somehow manages to expertly wind a single 820-foot desk throughout the entire office. Indeed, designed by the Tokyo-based firm Teamlab, much of the vibrantly-colored main work floor is only accessible through swooping underpasses and pop-up bridges, since the desk forms a completely connected loop. Once inside, though, employees can survey the entire desk-lined space by climbing up a three-tiered throne.

Surrounding this main work area are seemingly Preschool-inspired meeting rooms and hangout areas—all furnished with candy-colored block chairs that can be stacked up to create privacy walls for serious business or, more likely, used in the creation of some very epic forts. Interspersed throughout the entire space are large-scale graffiti installations—pretty much a cool office staple—and walls of hand-drawn tiles created by visitors and employees, alike. Design Boom has more photos of the ridiculously playful office, right this way.

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