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With This All-Gold Wall, Ikea Finally Ups the Razzle-Dazzle

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Always down for a bit of marketing artifice, Ikea's frolicsome team of brand-builders—the same one that calls upon gondolas, life-sized toys, and dominatrixes—has done something wholly unexpected, even for a megaretailer responsible for a whirlwind of kooky marketing crap: it stepped away from its tried-and-true mod look and brought in, uh, a wall of gold tiles. And four chandeliers in the kitchen. And a high-gloss vanity sink. As Domaine reports, at the Interior Design Show in Canada, Ikea swapped its usual modularity for an 18th-century France flavor, "mixing classical wall paneling and antiques with high-gloss wardrobe doors, stainless steel hoods, and more."

On the floor: a faux kitchen with Venetian crystal chandeliers and new cabinet door offerings (LIDINGÖ in gray, if you're interested) as well as dressing room with a GODMORGON white sink vanity, PAX wardrobes, and inexplicable golden tiles.

Sorry—come again, Ikea? Considering the notorious penny-pinching ways of your founder, the cattle-driving acuity of your maze-like store layouts, and, of course, the impossibility of lining up the corners of your BILLY bookshelves whilst we construct them, you decide to go into the glam biz now? Eh. Stranger things have happened.

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