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Is This New Building the Most Beautiful Airport of All Time?

With up to one million travelers expected to pass through the Kutaisi International Airport in Tsqnet'i, Georgia, this year the country tapped Netherlands-based UNStudio to craft what may be the cleanest, airiest, loveliest airport in the aviating history. If you think Georgia is an odd place to find such monoliths of beauty, consider the fact that this is the same country that boasts a gorgeous faceted McDonald's and an elementary school with a playful, high-flyingdesign twist. So really, it makes sense that the country wanted UNStudio, purveyors of swanked out tax offices and shopping malls, to make an ultra-slick airport, and the firm delivered, building a low-slung white-and-red edifice made up of undulating windows. Inside? A massive honeycomb hive that directs the flow of foot traffic. There are also a number of sustainable elements—including an underground natural water supply. Ladies, and gentleman, this just might beat out all other (more austere) designs as the official airport of the future.

Architizer has the full story, right this way.

· Kutaisi International Airport [Architizer]