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These Retro Herman Miller Offices Are Ridiculously Groovy

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All plucked from the ridiculously addictive Instagram account of furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, these vintage office spaces are so hip they may even put even the coolest present-day offices to shame. Spanning between the tidy little desks of 1950s and the the neon-tinged teal and purple setups of the late '70s, Herman Miller's pieces look utterly emblematic of midcentury modern interior design—so much so that pieces were actually left out of the Mad Men set all together, for fear of looking expected. And while they are all lust-worthy, some notable standouts include a tangerine-hued coconut chair by George Nelson, a cluster of Eames Executive Work chairs in the Warner Brothers Studio of the 1970s—"If you were an art director at Warner Brothers Records in the '70s ... this is where you would have meetings with Fleetwood Mac"—and, of, course a peachy Eames secretarial chair with a matching, what else, IBM typewriter circa 1972.

While Herman Miller furniture is still popular to this day, it's a treat to see the pieces in these retro setting. Fast Company has even more shots, right this way.

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