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This Spanish Manse Needs its Own Bouncer and VIP Lounge

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Nestled away in the hills of Mallorca, Spain, this stunning so-called Chameleon Villa combines the sleek modernity of a James Bond hideaway, the square-footage of a small village, and the unfettered swankiness of an EDM-thumping nightclub. While the asking price is available only upon request, the brokerbabble does boast the 26,867-square-foot, 10-bedroom home to "accomplish a true miracle of light," so there's that. The listing also reveals the expansive property to be split into three separate buildings: the first housing the indoor pool-equipped main residence, the second a "pool, wellness and fitness area," and the final offering temporary bunking for (the inevitable) late-night party guests. Other amenities include heated floors, a full wet bar, a "wine cellar/grotto," a home theater, and, of course, a helicopter landing pad. Note: while the place is already wired with LED lights and a bumping soundsystem, buyers must provide their own DJ. Do have a look:

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