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Famous Banksy Street Art Destroyed in Park City by Vandal

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Banksy, the uber-famous UK street artist known for his graffiti drawings, has had his own Park City murals defaced. In 2010, Banksy graced Park City Main Street with two pieces while he attended the Sundance Film Festival for the release of a documentary he directed. Unlike most vandalism, business owners were so stoked to have Banksy tag up their buildings that they installed protective glass over the art. But this week an unidentified vandal cracked the glass of one Banksy mural and defaced the other. Police don't have a suspect yet, and while one of the works of street art can be salvaged, the other is toast. It's a major bummer, considering you can't exactly call the super secretive Banksy and commission another piece.

All photos by Jay Hamburger at the Park Record

· Vandals attack Banksy pieces on Main Street [Park Record]