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Zaha Ahoy! A Closer Look at Hadid's Achromatic Superyacht

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Forget the year of Lady Hadid, in the rapidly approaching, all-encompassing Zaha Hadid-designed future, where everything from wine bottles to Christmas ornaments will look like angelic bicycle helmets, your average seafaring vessel will be as sinuous and watery as the ocean itself. Back in October, Hadid released a set of renderings for a 420-foot concept yacht, which German shipbuilder Blohm+Voss is using as the basis for a set of five smaller vessels called the Unique Circle Yachts. A new batch of internal shots for her Jazz Yacht was just released, and anyone with even a passing familiarity with Hadid's oeuvre should immediately recognize her trademark approach of heavy on the curves, hold the color.

Of course, Hadid isn't a marine engineer—and at least one of her large-scale designs has proven to be a bit leaky—so it's now up to Blohm+Voss to fit the ideas laid out in her model to the standards required for oceanic crossings, a process that Hadid's firm says will result in five ships that "creatively explore the design philosophies of the master prototype within the technical requirements of a fully engineered yacht design." No word yet on how the limited-edition speedboat she whipped up for art dealer Kenny Schachter fares out on the water, although it does look pretty rad.

And how does the Jazz Yacht look next to her original design? A little toned down, but such is to be expected. Blohm+Voss got the sci-fi windows right, but the ship's sharp, confident prow looks a good deal less organic than the prototype. But maybe Hadid won't mind, because she's already on track to build a much larger boat-like thing in Saudi Arabia.

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