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Renovated Tobacco Factory Serves as a Sleek Italian HQ

Serving as an HQ for a team that manages and restores the properties on a massive estate called Castello di Reschio in Umbria, Italy, this 1940s tobacco processing factory—known as Tabaccaia di Reschio—has been transformed into a ridiculously stylish office, private restaurant, and exhibition space. Unlike the circus-like offices fast becoming the new normal, these interiors are a rather refreshingly refined mix of found pieces, repurposed materials, and minimalist style.

Lead by Count Benedikt Bolza—the managing director and chief architect of the Castello di Reschio estate—the restoration team worked to keep a lot of the factory's original elements in place, including some industrial steel stairways and long wooden tables that were once used for tobacco sorting. Repurposed wood and steel parts found in the factory were also used to build new furniture—like floor lamps fashioned out of old heaters and insanely cool hanging sculptures that once served as wine barrel rings from one of the wine cellars. In the name of making the space more comfortable than it probably was in its tobacco days, though, toasty heated floors and soft LED lighting were installed throughout the cavernous, cement-walled structure. The Cool Hunter has a the full story, right this way.

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