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Is This Mobile Home in Malibu Really Worth $4M?

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A neighborhood like Malibu's Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park, where properties have gone for as much as $2M, isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think 'trailer park,' but one manufactured home there is about to put Vanity Fair's designation of the "hippest neighborhood in Malibu" to the test with an asking price of $4M. More like upwardly mobile homes, amiright? To be sure, you'd have to disturb a lot of landscaping to actually move this home anywhere, but it's always good to keep your options open, for the inevitable day when your neighborhood's hipness factor goes into a tailspin. Inside, the place is nice and bright and beachy, with crown molding, exposed-beam ceilings, hardwood floors, Cararra marble countertops, a library, and a gazebo and patio in the back. It may be hard to get past a price like that attached to a manufactured home, but as Malibu Real Estate points out, after deeming this the "nicest mobile home in the entire world," there isn't any property tax, because its mobile status means you'd be paying space rent instead. For the full lowdown, make your way over to Curbed LA.

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