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Post-Reno, Rudolph Schindler's Last Design Asks $1.15M

Over in the land of midcentury greats, the City of Angels, NPR writer/producer Chumi Paul has wrapped up her restoration project on Los Feliz's Schlessinger Residence, the last house modernist Rudolph Schindler ever designed. Actualized between 1952 and 1954, the house, which broke ground after Schindler's death in '53, did not change hands until late 2011, when Paul bought it for $600K. She immediately poured in the cash to restore the structure, replacing and cleaning up the home's large planks of glass (all the better to see the views afforded a corner perch overlooking the Shakespeare Bridge) and wood-paneled ceilings. According to journalist Andrew Romano, who has the restoration low-down on his Tumblr, Paul hoped to "align it more closely to the original Schindler plan," which got tweaked after the architect's death due to "budgetary constraints as well as owner preferences." Paul now wants $1.149M for the two-bedroom, shooting for a $549K "profit"—though it's hard to know how much she spent fixing it up.

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