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Bob Hope's Lautner-Designed 'Mushroom' Gets $16M Chop

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In February 2013, Bob Hope's iconic Palm Springs property, the UFO estate big-time architect John Lautner designed in the '70s, emerged from a cloud of anticipation and blatant rumormongering with an official asking price of $50M. Now, a year and one fruitful estate auction later, the residence has been PriceChopped, it's ask hacked by nearly a third, to $34M. While the structure was designed by Lautner, "the only architect you'd ever trust with a mushroom/volcano/Bond villain house," as Curbed LA writes, its 23,366 square feet of interiors were done up to Delores Hope's specific tastes—preferences that translated to a boulder jutting through the glass walls into the living room and, according to the Times, a "Rousseau-like mural on the back wall of the bar." It was enough, the story goes, for Lautner to basically disown the project, though there's no indication that the dated interiors are what's causing the place to flounder now. After all, $50M is way pricier than neighboring properties and, as we know, Lautner residences, no matter how beautiful, sometimes take a while to find a buyer Bond villain-y enough to drop the megabucks. More photos, below.

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