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This Austin Starbucks is Masquerading as a 'Local' Coffee Shop

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Foregoing their previously outlandish, high-design approach to interiors, it looks like Starbucks will instead opt for a more "local" feel going forward—starting with this artsy, but very toned-down branch in Austin, Texas. First spotted by Eater Austin, a rep for the brand explains that the the "luxury" store—which is located within a W Hotel—"was specifically designed with Austin in mind." Some of its city-centric details include locally milled wood siding on the walls, music speaker light fixtures, and a painting on reclaimed wood by Texas-based artists.

There's also a map of the world made out from plastic bags—seemingly a nod to Austin's recent ban—and, of course, some ubiquitous coffee-inspired photography and art. "The push for innovation and design is just starting," the company's VP of design for the Americas has said of this gimmicky new customization plan, "this is the tip of the iceberg." As other chain cafes and restaurants continue to out-weird each other in design, though, it's hard to imagine Starbucks will stay on course with this local, small-scale coffee shop new approach. Do check out the Eater Austin's full gallery, right this way.

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