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Come, Let's GOOP Around in Gwyneth Paltrow's Living Room

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How does one become a 'lifestyle guru?' Used to be, the process required years of meditation on Mt. Shelter Mag, but with GOOP, her weekly lifestyle newsletter, Gwyneth Paltrow has pioneered a new path to enlightenment: opening up rooms in your lavish estates to brand-heavy rejiggering efforts and self-publishing the results. Earlier this month, we were caught unawares by GOOP's redo of an unidentified "expansive but frill-free space above the garage," which turned out to be a guesthouse in Paltrow's LA home. With her latest remodeling project, Paltrow laid the cards out on the Karl Springer console table right up front, enlisting Room in a Box, the e-decorating service of designer Windsor Smith—to whom GOOP ascribes an "understanding for how a living, breathing and modern family (with rambunctious kids) will actually use a space supersedes that of any mere mortal," possibly referencing her fine work in chez Paltrow West Coast—to take on the living room in her Amagansett, NY abode. Eager, young disciple, to beat your own path to a higher plane of Paltroesque design savvy? Come, let us learn at the resplendently pedicured feet of a true celebriguru.

Here, we spy Paltrow's "troubled" living room, whose true potential had eluded two previous overhauls at Paltrow's own hand. Why, oh why, had this remained "a dead zone in the home, where nobody seemed to spend time?" Could it have been the visual violence wrought by that couch? A chakra imbalance brought on by a slight misalignment of the picture clump beside the piano? All Paltrow knew, aside from the fact that those "adorable" one-seaters deserved a second chance, was that she had to bring in a professional.

First off, the piano was moved to the center of the room, as Windsor Smith tells it, to "draw energy into the space." In its place, a Roche Bobois sectional sofa was added, along with a Carol Egan coffee table, chosen to grace this nook with a "contemporary twist," "a subtle sense of weightlessness," and "a lightness to it that reinforces the room's airiness." It's worth noting here that we're dealing with light, air, and weight, the -nesses that form the very foundation of our universe, and all of its interiors great and small.

At the other end of the room, more pieces of Bubois sectional were brought in atop a freshly-laid carpet to create a "tempered palette of soft neutrals" that serves as a "low-key backdrop" for Donald Kaufman's Color Field painting, and there you have it, a "modern-day take on the traditional 'salon,'" a shrine to all that is GOOP-worthy under the sun. Regrettably, that loud couch in the space's previous incarnation is now wreaking havoc in the family room, but concerning this one, perhaps GOOP said it best in a one-word caption to a photo of Paltrow enjoying her now space: "Thrilled."

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