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Turning Tokyo's Vibrant Cityscape Into a Blurred Wonderland

While many artists and photographers alike have attempted to capture the emotional response to city living—whether it be overwhelming, lonely, or even tempestuous—few have done it quite so elegantly as Japanese photographer Takashi Kitajima, whose ongoing series distorts Tokyo's nighttime cityscape using a bokeh, or blurring, lens. Kitajima's dreamy, light-dotted work turns the busy city into a stunning, almost abstract expanse, with just single points of focus—various narrow slices of recognizable architecture. Still, even these slivers of bridges or skylines are enough to make the ethereal work feel metropolitan—almost as if Tokyo's iconic skyline is being seen from through the foggy window of a taxi. As My Modern Met puts it, "the artist transforms simple urban scenes into magically radiant worlds of light and color." Do check out a few more shots below, then head over to My Modern Met for the full gallery.

· Magical Tokyo Cityscapes Seen Through Colorful Bokeh [My Modern Met]