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Enjoy Aspen's Finest 'Unadulterated Spaces' for $6.25M

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Situated on the "quiet east side of Aspen"—so, you know, a welcome distance from Aspen's raucous west side, where the skis are shorter, the cocoa is hotter, and the cast of The Real Housewives of Aspen are constantly at each other's throats—this "unique" three-bedroom home by Studio B Architects places a premium on "unadulterated spaces." Indeed, all 4,873 square feet of the interiors look so clean, straight-lined, and modern that the thick exposed beams running through much of the place seem a tad on the intrusive side, as if a half-hearted attempt at giving it a bit of a ski-lodge feel was ventured as an afterthought. Through a set of indoor windows, the living room and kitchen look out onto a large floor-to-ceiling glass atrium with a view of an adjacent aspen grove that is genuinely worth coveting. Out back, "lovely patio spaces create an inviting environment harmonious with the mountain lifestyle," and it better be harmonious, for $6.25M. Go ahead, have a look:

· 134 Eastwood Dr [Zillow]