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This Cottage Transforms to Better Accommodate Your Vacay

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Part contemporary cottage, part spa, La Luge was what Montreal's YH2 Architecture came up with after setting out to create a space "dedicated to the enjoyment of Quebec's winter." For those who haven't been toughened by many a far north wintertime, an essential part of that enjoyment will inevitably involve staving off the bitter cold, which is where the patio jacuzzi comes in, ditto the handsome stainless-steel wood stove hanging in the living room. The warmly hued interior of cedar, oak, and walnut also helps in that regard, aside from looking pretty fetching, but the most intriguing thing about this seasonal getaway is how it transforms to fit parties of different sizes and temperaments. In archispeak, this happens by virtue of interior spaces that can be "reconfigured into diverse geometries." Pretty neat, huh?

Say one wants a completely undivided interior, or to turn the playroom into a guest bedroom. In either case, all it takes is a few minutes of fidgeting with the large sliding doors that run on metal tracks in the ceiling, making it possible for a project with such a "compact scheme" to accommodate a surprisingly large number of guests. By embedding a second volume within the main house, "one dark, one light, thus creating distinct spaces," YH2 took a further toward creating variation, or at least the appearance of it, within a relatively simple layout. Head over to Contemporist for a closer look at the mechanics.

· La Luge House by YH2 Architects [Contemporist]