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Ho-Hum Victorian Given a Rad Green-Roofed Rear Addition

When viewed from the front, it's far from apparent why this unremarkable Victorian was awarded the Sunday Times' "Best small house of the year" award last year, but the plain look only gives the backyard addition a bigger payoff. Last year, the London-based firm Scott Architects gave this home a curvaceous, timber-clad new wing, with the lowest floor sitting under a sloping green roof, like some kind of hobbit house. Really though, what is it about subterranean homes? Somehow, there's nothing cooler under God's green earth.

↑ Talk about blurring the distinction between indoors and out! The rear exit of the original home now leads to a new kitchen and dining room, with exposed bricks at one end, a large glass door at the other, and a few skylights in between.

↑ A view from inside the extension, facing back. The sliding door opens to reveal a backyard alcove with a grill.

↑ The terraced Victorian is located in De Beauvoir Town, a district of the London Borough of Hackney.

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