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Swank Beachside Villa Offers a Slice of the South of Thailand

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A nubbin just west of the mainland in the Andaman Sea, Phuket is the largest of Thailand's hundreds of islands, encompassing an area roughly the size of Singapore. Not that you'd know that while sashaying the length of the wooden boardwalks encircling this villa, for feeling like a tiny speck at the edge of the universe, nary another civilization in sight, is surely a highlight of the "Price Upon Request" listing. Perched on Nai Thon beach, a pristine stretch that's remained relatively undeveloped compared to the rest of Phuket, the 13,110-square-foot home boasts six suites, not one but two infinity pools, a cafe, a spa, and what looks to be a meticulous application of Thai silks, teak, Buddhist statuary, and antiques throughout. Before you run off to calculate the Baht-to-dollar exchange rate, sit back, hack into a fresh young coconut, and have a look, why don't you?

· Iconic Estate, Nai Thon, Phuket [Sotheby's International Realty]