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Fabulous Queen Anne With Color Wheel Interior Asks $5.25M

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Aside from its address, on a private, gated street uptown, and the fact that it's one of NOLA's most expensive listings, the most noteworthy thing about this stately Queen Anne is that each of the seven bedrooms has its own distinct character, like the fellows in Snow White's diminutive coterie. It's a bold move, opting to paint each in a vibrant shade seen nowhere else in the home, rather than going with a more unified color scheme, but one that pays off in spades. What does unite the 8,568 square feet of interior space in this recently renovated old beaut is an abundance of antique fixtures, including many varied, belle-of-the-ball chandeliers, and thankfully, an almost complete lack of chintz. The kitchen, which was redone nine months ago, features granite countertops and a Sub-Zero refrigerator (the humidity drawer can be stocked with grapes and citrus fruit from the garden out back, which is just a stone's throw away from a heated Italian-tile swimming pool). Last seen listed in 2010 for $4.5M, the place has since returned to the market at $5.25M, but seeing as the next owner will be paying for a sprightly renovation in the middle of a local high-end real estate boom, an extra $750K shouldn't be unreasonable. Here, have a look:

· 3 Audubon Pl [Zillow]