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L.A.'s Perfect 1950 Friedman House Re-Lists After Update

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Just over two years since L.A.'s Friedman House, a 1950 spread designed by celebrity favorite A. Quincy Jones and his contemporaries Whitney Smith and Edgardo Contino, listed for the first time ever, the place is already ready to trade hands again. Current owners bought the house for $1.25M in October 2011, then unleashed contemporary architect Marco Dimaccio, who rehabbed the kitchen (there's now granite counters, which is great because nothing says "1950" like a feature that's found in every new build west of the Mississippi but nobody's bitter here) and brought in new flooring. Then owners dropped it back onto MLS with a $1.895M ask. Despite the touch-ups, the Brentwood four-bedroom still looks superbly midcentury, what with its omnipresent wood panelling, a floor plan open enough to herd elephants, and super-sized windows. Admire the listing photos, below.
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