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Inside One Woman's Elaborate $30K Star Trek Basement

With her meticulous Star Trek-themed basement, Quebec resident Line Rainville joins the esteemed ranks of earthbound souls who've attempted balls-to-the-wall Star Trek-themed interior design—an accomplished group that includes futuristic six-bedroom home in Australia and a 500-square-foot studio in England. Rainville's space, which caught the eye of BuzzFeed, cost $30K to put together and boasts carefully curated interpretations of the Enterprise bridge, the transporter room, Spock's quarters (complete with a bedspread Rainville made to match the correct pattern), even bathroom tile shaped like the Starfleet logo. "At some points, I took so much time to find out the precise item that it seemed like an obsession," the lifelong Star Trek fan told CNET. Really, you don't say? Anyway, a closer look, below.

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