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Toshiko Mori's Glassy, Stilted 'West Wind' Asks $9.9M

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Location: Osprey, Fla.
Price: $9,900,000
The Skinny: For her West Wind, architect Toshiko Mori turned an ancient beach-front home protection technique—the ever-popular "put that sucker up on stilts" approach—and used it to create an ultra-modern entrance experience. In the space created by the concrete pilings on which the home rests, a glassed-in stairway leads up through the partially glass lower-level floor and into a dramatic welcoming area centered on a light-catching dichroic glass prism designed by architect James Carpenter. That light, which shifts and changes colors throughout the day, is provided by the home's clerestory windows, while the gigantic plate glass windows in the high-ceilinged lower level serve up island and water views. A master bedroom suite sits above it all on the upper level, which also has a balcony and private deck area. The two-acre grounds include a swimming pool and former Coast Guard barracks, which now serves as a two-bedroom guest house. The compound, with its six total bedrooms and nine bathrooms, is asking $9.9M. · 316 N Casey Key Rd. [Zillow]