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31 Shots of Plain White Boxes Masquerading as Residences

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For most, home decorating is more than choosing paint color and throw pillows, it's about cultivating a space that defines the habits and hobbies of the next chunk of one's life. It's about injecting personality, finding Zen, or cultivating a collection. And then there are the minimalists, those members of a peculiar and burgeoning faith in the power of naught, those who worship at temples with walls like whiteboards and for whom each personal item means seven Hail Marys. In these homes, there's nary a floral, tartan, damask, or—dare we say it?—mohair to be seen. Still, there's an unmistakable beauty in the restraint, especially when the theme is taken to the extreme. Case in point: the many residences cropping up globally that are simply, um, white boxes. Find 31 shots below:

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