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Inside This Classic Colonial is an Untamed Patternpalooza

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Florals, gingham, tartan, and checkerboard—the gang's all here! To peek inside this beautiful Georgian Colonial in Larchmont, N.Y. is to open up a fabric store's bargain bin, a magical land of misguided chintz and enough pastels to make your grandma shudder. Ah, but the house itself? Well the bones for this seven-bedroom estate, built in 1900 and on the market for $16.2M, are impossible to mock, and its 3.36 "park-like" acres abutting the Larchmont Harbor make poking fun that much harder. Also on the property: a two-bedroom, 1,452-square-foot guest house, a floating dock, a private beach, and a gazebo. Totally worth painting over the wallpaper.

· 203 Hommocks Rd, Larchmont, N.Y. [Redfin]