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Checking In on the Lavish Superyacht With 'Monaco' on Top

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Because, really, both Monaco and the yacht world are just rife with riffraff lately, the developer masterminds behind Yacht Island Design decided to combine the two classic rich people vacation options into a floating city as subtle as a Russian megamansion—with only marginally fewer chandeliers and gold trim. Renderings for The Streets of Monaco, made the rounds last year, showing off bare necessities like a helicopter pad, an indoor waterfall, a castle, and a mini-submarine, and now developers have gone on the record saying hopes are still high that the floating city, what with its miniature Grand Prix track and 3,800-square-foot suites, will actually exist. They even told the UK's Daily Mail that the construction budget may be some $600M less than the original $1B estimation. Oh, and that there has been "a significant amount of interest from the general public."

The Streets of Monaco would measure 500-plus feet long and include smaller versions some of the country's landmarks, like the Hotel de Paris (on the Lido deck) and an interior courtyard (above) that mimics the gardens outside the Monaco Casino. How many people get to pay more money to go to this lesser floating Monaco? Sixteen every voyage, with room for 70 crew members.

Outrageous? Yes. But hey, it's still a debatably better idea than some of the other bobbing cities with renderings floating (sorry) around. Lily pad metropolises, anyone?