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What Happens When Googie Architecture Goes 'Farmhouse'

Rural farmhouses are always heading in and out of design rehab, forsaking their traditional ways for bold new looks, but a rare few don't need to change a thing. Take this curving, multitiered abode by the Mumbai-based firm i.Studio, dubbed Brick House. As its name suggests the home is built solidly with traditional techniques and materials, just lettin' it all hang out, with expansive terraces and latticed brickwork allowing for ventilation, sunlight, and views of the Indian countryside. Taking its shape from the dips and peaks in the surrounding terrain, the home arrived at a form with a distinct midcentury modern, Jetsons-like feel.

↑ The living room and kitchen, each with ceilings of thatched bamboo, wrap around a courtyard with a pool and a tree at its center. Atop a stone archway, a staircase leads to second-floor bedrooms and studies.

↑ A view from the top of the stairs, where an undulating wall has the effect of, as the architects put it, "always leading the viewer to a new observation, not allowing him to be complacent about the space which he occupies."

↑ A circular brick-and-mortar bedroom, one of two on the second floor.

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