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Behold, Rihanna's Costume Designer On His 'Money Sofa'

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Every so often a piece of furniture comes along that completely changes the game to the point where the game is utterly unrecognizable. Today, that object is the "money sofa" of fashion designer Adam Selman, the mad genius behind Rihanna's costumes and clothing collabs. Here he is lounging on it in a matching outfit.

Seriously, will someone convince Design Within Reach to start making this? Just look at it.

The seat cushion is upholstered in a fabric showing the unfinished pyramid from the back of the one-dollar bill, a textile designed by comedian Amy Sedaris of all people (his friend and non-Rihanna muse, according to Elle Decor). The fabric was leftover from a dress he created for Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour, which surely means that sitting on it passes on some of her magic.

In its October issue, Elle Decor toured Selman's New York apartment, along with the homes of six other rising New York fashion stars. ED calls the place (which he shares with his boyfriend, stylist Mel Ottenberg) "kitschy, playful, and provocative," thanks to things like his collection of paintings used for romance novel covers. (Sedaris inspired his passion for them.)

Reflect on how long it took for Garden State-style decor and dress combos to happen. We were waiting for something all those years. Now we know what it was.