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San Diego Beach House is a Shell of Glass and Concrete

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In designing his own beach home, San Diego architect Jonathan Segal managed to turn a 5,000-square-foot lot into a bare-bones gem, one that stands out in a river of bland mansions of hulking proportions. Keeping in mind what he had to work with—little space but spectacular views—Segal stuck to two big ideas: (1) opening up the house to make it appear more spacious, and (2) limiting building materials to just glass and (the ever-popular) cast-in-place concrete. The benefits of these design constraints are clear: using concrete and glass means there are fewer structural elements to get in the way of those white-water views and with 70 percent of the exterior walls constructed of openable glass panels, Segal can really take advantage of San Diego's ever-perfect weather, creating a true en plain air experience.

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