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Sneak a Peek at Beaver Creek's New Combination Lift

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All photos courtesy of Beaver Creek Resort

Summertime in the mountains always means construction, and Taos Ski Valley isn't the only ski resort building new chairlifts. Colorado's Beaver Creek Resort has been working all summer to replace the Centennial Express Lift with a new high-speed combination lift. Part 6-passenger chairlift, part 10-person gondola, the innovative lift allows skiers and snowboarders to choose whether they want to ride a chairlift served by a moving conveyor or a gondola cabin served from a separate line. And while hard-core skiers might opt for the chairlift, beginners and kids will love the gondola option. Beaver Creek also reports that the new lift will increase uphill carrying capacity by 35%. Take a look at the construction photos for a sneak peek at helicopters, lift ropes, and shiny new gondolas, and then head over here to check out what other new developments are happening at North American ski areas this winter.

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