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$600K McMansions For Cars are the Next Rich Guy Frontier

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According to a recent feature in Bloomberg, which detailed the rise of a 40-acre, pimped-out garage complex outside Minneapolis, retirement homes for cars are the Next Big Thing. One early adopter at AutoMotorPlex, a man by the name of Eric Murphy, bought his "garage" for $300,000 and then spent another $300,000 souping it up with a 900-bottle wine cellar, gourmet kitchen, and a master suite for both his wife and two siberian huskies (hopefully both dogs sleep in tiny dog car beds). "I love this idea of a set of man caves — or people caves," Murphy tells Bloomberg. Other units at AutoMotorPlex include totally bonkers things like a 1950s-esque diner, a tribute to Elvis, a re-created 1800s saloon, flat-screen TVs, a golf simulator, a jukebox, pac-man, air hockey, and an elevator.

The founder, Bruno Silikowski, took inspiration when "his kids' bikes started to crowd his Porsche out of the four-car garage" (and possibly provided it for an auto-centric Miami tower housing two percent of the world's billionaires) which is an all-too-common plight if you are, say, a very, very rich person. Silikowski's burgeoning fiefdom now encompasses 146 garages and 120 owners—and he has plans to build more in Kansas City, Missouri, Chicago, and North Carolina. If you thought the crazy-things-for-rich-people market was totally saturated with trap doors and gypsy caravans, well, you were wrong.

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