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AMC's Got Nothing On India's Rad, Splashy Movie Theaters

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Like the Indian houses that inspired the neon insanity that is Memphis, many of India's movie theaters are downright phantasmagoric. They really make your average Megaplex seem, well, even more drab and suburban than it already did.

Recently featured on Design Boom, a series by German photographers Stefanie Zoche and Sabine Haubitz documents these Deco-ish, Googie-influenced architectural hybrids in all their splashy extravagance. They aren't without their own logic, though; one even matches the baby blue and bright red palette of an old Coke ad on its awning.

Design Boom quotes the photographers as being "particularly interested in the culturally influenced reinterpretation of modern building style apparent in the architectural style," which displays "an unusual mixture of modernism, local architectural elements, a strong use of color and, in the case of some older cinema halls, of art deco." Head that way for more from the series.

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