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Genius Wooden 'Mountain' Packs in an Entire Hotel Room

After commissioning architects and designers to create nine off-the-wall theme rooms, Amsterdam's Volkshotel has unveiled its "Edmund" suite, a nifty wood-and-rubber structure that packs a whole apartment into one piece. Masterminded by Dutch designers Jos Blom and Jasper Eustace, this jaggedy "mountain," as Eustace calls it, pieces together a full bed, mirror, shower, and toilet on the "ground level," and slots in a narrow stairway to an extra special treat on the pinnacle: a full-sized bathtub and desert-y flora.
It's not the first time someone has created a all-in-one micro dwelling outfit. Earlier this year, a photographer from France got himself a designer bachelor pad that's essentially a tamer version of the Edmund, and researchers at MIT have developed a room-in-a-box that responds to voice and gesture commands—all setting higher standards for mancaves, tiny living, and beyond.

Eustace has more photos and diagrams on his website.

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