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This Concrete Cabin Cleverly Masquerades as a Wooden One

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The boilerplate complaint that arises most often in discussions of concrete-heavy buildings is how out of context they tend to look, in seemingly every context save that of the Soviet apartment block. To make their concrete cabin in Pinamar, Argentina, blend in with the surrounding woods, Luciano Kruk Arquitectos had it built from stamped concrete blocks made to look like slabs of timber.

Not that there's anything wrong with sticking out! It's just pretty stunning how well the visual effect works. The facade has even started to stain green in places, giving it even more of a natural tone.

It's quite the method of creating "a relationship with the surrounding landscape" with an unlikely material. And from the inside, glass walls and windows do a great job of showing off that landscape. More shots over at Dezeen.

· Concrete cabin by Luciano Kruk Arquitectos built in an Argentinian woodland [Dezeen]