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Dreamboat James Marsden Buys Dreamboat House From 1959

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Add this to the ever-lengthening list of beautiful, famous menfolk (like Zachary Quinto and Jake Gyllenhaal) buying beautiful, should-be-famous midcentury pads: actor James Marsden (X-Men, Enchanted and 30 Rock) just dropped $1.8M on a 1959 Hollywood Hills spread by architect Edward H. Fickett. Perhaps Marsden was delighted by the quintessential post-and-beam bones, or the way the California sunlight drenches the interiors. Perhaps it was the swimming pool or the fire pit or the "side yard." Perhaps it was the walls of glass, brushed concrete floors, or unpretentious collection of midcentury-style furnishings. Congratulations, Mr. Marsden, you just got even more handsome.

· James Marsden Buys Midcentury Home in the Hills for $1.8M. [Trulia Luxe Living]
· 3042 Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, CA [official site]