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For $1, Buy Four McNuggets or This Seven-Bedroom House

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Things you can get for $1: two Jack in the Box tacos, half a can of nice tuna, 0.79 Euros, and a Colonial house in Minnesota. This 1923 single-family house in Minneapolis, has just listed for $1. That's right, for just $1 one can purchase a 4,820-square-foot abode with seven bedrooms, four full baths, hardwood floors, and a brick-and-stone exterior. It sounds like a steal until you read the fine print: "buyer must purchase and move building from current site."

The $1 homesale is actually not as rare as one would expect. How much of a "steal" is it exactly? According to industry pros, the cost of relocating a house can go anywhere from thousands of dollars to well over $100K, depending on how long the job takes, the route traveled, the size of the house, etc. What's more, it doesn't exactly look easy.

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