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Bill Gates Just Spent $18M on Jenny Craig's Horse Farm

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Computers guy Bill Gates, who is still one of the wealthiest people on Earth despite all that philanthropy, just spent $18M on diet lady Jenny Craig's equestrian estate in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The deal closed in mid-September, according to the Wall Street Journal. No one from Team Gates has indicated exactly what he's going to do with the place [UPDATE: U-T San Diego reports that he plans to turn it into "a grand prix circuit for hunters and jumpers"] but Craig has been waiting for a buyer who wants to keep it as a horse facility. Gates' daughter Jennifer, who probably actually got that pony she wanted for Christmas, and many ponies more throughout her life, is really into horseback riding.

The 228-acre estate, known as Rancho Paseana, has a racing track, an olive orchard, five barns, a veterinarian's suite, and a guesthouse. The deal did not include any Mustangs, Garrons, or Destriers, although the listing photos show at least two topiary steeds.

Craig put her San Diego home on the market around the same time she listed the horse farm, but sold it in 2011 to her daughter and son-in-law. Meanwhile, all of Gates' peers in billionairedom are buying large chunks of Hawaii.

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