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Wall Street Journal's Guide to Home Offices for the Everyman

Offices in 2014 can be hip and inventive in a million ways—orange groves! donut counters! "spines"!—but for some people, operating straight from home makes more sense. For those people, the Wall Street Journal, famed purveyor of guides for such average joe home projects and amenities as ornate gypsy caravans, secret rooms with glass trap doors, and $250K greenhouses, digs deep into the world of home offices, emerging with amenity examples as humble as a "teak deck" and library paneled in mahogany. Here now, things found in the ideal home office, plucked straight from the work spaces of film and art industry pros in Los Angeles and New York City:

8. Two stories and 740 square feet, like the office of Hollywood director Breck Eisner.

7. On one of the levels, a conference room, with panoramic views of West L.A.

6. A teak deck for, you know, hosting business lunches.

5. Not too away, film producer and celebrity manager Chuck Binder added an airy 600-square-foot office near his Beverly Hills property.

4. Inside Binder's office: white oak floors and equestrian art on wainscoted walls.

3. A separate office for his wife, a psychoanalyst, is converted from a 1937 garage attached to the house, and it includes such fixtures as a picture window converted from a carriage door and a crystal chandelier hanging from the rafters.

2. New York City art dealer Anthony Blumka's "office" is tucked under a double staircase in his five-story Upper East Side townhouse.

1. The library in it? Paneled in mahogany, of course.

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