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Barbie's First Dreamhouse? A Modest, Midcentury Pad From '62

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Believe it or not, Barbie, the high-profile steward of pink megamansions, started as out as a savvy minimalist. The folks at Inhabitat recently thumbed through the Museum of Modern Art's 2012 exhibit called Century of the Child: Growing by Design, and discovered Barbie's first home, one that has much more in common with tiny Manhattan apartments than the multi-floor plastic estates we typically associate with the Malibu princess.

The simple setup, designed by Barbie's creator Ruth Handler in 1962, was made entirely from cardboard. It was also designed in a flat-pack style so little girls could fold it up and take it with them wherever they go. Sixties!Barbie was apparently a big fan of colorful modern furniture. She had yellow walls, yellow and coral accent rugs, a dashing cobalt blue sofa, and, perhaps in a hint of things to come, a hot pink vanity set tucked right into the wall.

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