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Do Not Build a 'Dream Home' on the Grave of This '60s Gem

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Rarely does anything good come from the words "Florida" and "dream home" in close proximity. That's just one of the reasons that you should not take the listing's suggestion to "build your dream home" on the spot currently occupied by this fabulous untouched 1962 Jacksonville dwelling.
Sure, the place is in pretty dire need of some "TLC," as they say. Even some pretty invasive updates wouldn't be unwarranted. But such an unaltered piece of retro residential design is a rare find; better to trust an obvious classic than go with the "custom-built" "contemporary" that you won't realize is actually overwrought and gaudy until some blogger on the internet points it out for you. (What do they know, anyway?)

Check. Out. The. Woodwork. In. That. Entryway.

· 1157 Norwich Road [Trulia]