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Very Classy $3M Beach Castle Was Inspired by Beer Barrels

Just steps away from the Atlantic Ocean in Melbourne Beach, Fla., a concrete fortress shaped like a bunch of beer barrels is on the market for $2.95M. Lying somewhere on the subtlety spectrum between Amsterdam's 100 percent Heineken shed and England's wine barrel country house, this 10,530-square-foot custom property comes with a German solid copper brewing kettle that serves as a light fixture and a home bar. The rest of the house is adorned with imported European antiques, including a 19th-century kitchen stove from Germany and handcrafted tiles from Italy (which, alone, are supposedly worth $25,000). The five-bedroom house offers unobstructed beach views from most rooms, an elevator to ferry folk across its three floors, and (real talk) built-in hurricane shutters for when the times are, uh, a little less merry.

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