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Heaven is This Glowing Water Shop in The Netherlands

Just imagine you were a reveler in Amsterdam's Red Light District. Tired from a long night of gawking at humans in windows and drinking too much Jenever, you might yearn for a calming place to boost your electrolytes. If so, this new concept shop designed by XML Studios is your paradise. The aptly named Whitestore sells only two things: water and vitamin-infused water. Not Vitamin Water™, mind you, but sleek blue glass bottles of a specially made formula intended to hydrate partiers in it for the long haul (or, perhaps, work the next morning). The shop has a bright white interior—possibly taking cues from the painfully minimalist dental offices and houses that are so popular lately—with a long, glowing pharmacy-style bar, all of which is meant to contrast with the neon red signage outside. The staff, obviously, wears lab coats. Just looking at the photos makes you feel hydrated and calm. You're in the hands of professionals now.

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