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Watch This Now: Jeremy Jones' New Film Higher

Whether you ride two sticks or one, you're probably familiar with Jeremy Jones. One of the greatest big mountain snowboarders ever, for the past few years Jones has been busy making a trilogy of ski films that goes beyond sick lines and looks at what it means to live and breath all things snow. Curbed Ski checked out Jones' final film of the trilogy, Higher, and we've got the low-down on why you need to watch this Teton Gravity Research flick, ASAP.

Jones impressed in 2010's Deeper and 2012's Further, but this year he ups the ante with a snowboard flick that traces his evolution from the tiny hills of Cape Cod to skiing the giant Himalayas of Nepal. No one rides the spine of a mountain like Jones, but the man impresses even more with how he gets up. Snowmobiles and helicopters are just "too limiting" for this high-alpinist, and you'll feel downright lazy watching Jones ascend thousands of feet, ice pick in hand.

There's plenty of ski stoke, but Jones isn't just some "bro brah" slaying lines without a second thought. This family man spends weeks in pursuit of a mountain, camped out at the base exposed to epic snowstorms. And sometimes it's just about getting down, especially if you're on top of a 21,400-foot peak in the Himalayas facing the most difficult run of your life. Gorgeous cinematography, a captivating story, and some of the most insane snowboarding around: Higher is our pick for the best snowboarding film this season. Check out all the tour dates, this way.

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