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Meanwhile, in Florida, a Mansion Gets Built on the Wrong Lot

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Everybody make mistakes. Sometimes you forget to change your socks or you accidentally take your neighbor's newspaper instead of your own—you know, silly stuff! Robbie Richmond, VP of Keystone Homes, totally gets that about you. This is also what you say to yourself when you build a million-dollar oceanfront property on 21 Ocean Ridge Blvd.—you know, next to the lot your clients actually own on 23 Ocean Ridge Blvd. "It does happen, but it's rare," said the builder, who definitely should have gone with the "This has never happened before and we're all shocked" line when talking to the News-Journal Online.

The house, which has a terra cotta roof, at least six semi-okay-looking columns, and two balconies, is practically a Renaissance piazza. Surely the owners, Mark and Brenda Voss, will love the view of the house they paid $680,000 (that's excluding the cost of the lot itself) to build and not live in—all from their totally undeveloped, neighboring lot.

• In Ocean Hammock, dream house, ocean view, wrong lot [News-JournalOnline]